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We believe you, your patients, and the dental profession are best served when you retain full control of your practice and are supported by business experts who enable you and your clinical team to focus on what you do best: provide exceptional dental care to your community.


Private Practice.

Stratus focuses on what’s most important in dentistry: providing the best care for the patient. Dr. Brad GillespieGillespie Dentistry

Stratus Dental Group is your collaborative partner in protecting and advancing the profitability and private ownership of your dental practice. Stratus members are living their purpose through the success of their practices, because they’ve finally found a trusted advisor in navigating complex business decisions.

Grow stronger. Retain ownership. Serve well. Learn how.


Stratus isn’t about products or services or systems. It’s about driving lasting transformation in your practice. Dr. Eric J. RomanCarolinas Dentist

If there ever was a time in dentistry for you to take bold steps, it’s now. With dental insurance companies tightening their reimbursements, increased corporate ownership of practices, and even tougher practice transition issues, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Now it’s your turn to take control.

Protect your legacy. Challenge adversity. Grow through strategic innovation. Learn more.


I often wondered how I could have systems and structure in practice — and Stratus helped me achieve that goal. Dr. manami YamaguchiDental Arts & Wellness

Imagine having experts in operations, human resources, finance, professional development, and marketing all working hard for your success. You don’t have to imagine it — it’s already here. Become a member of Stratus Dental Group and experience the freedom of enjoying a thriving practice once again.

Find time. Work smart. Smile more. Find out how.


Thanks to Stratus, I’ve fallen back in love with dentistry! Dr. Steve UrbackPuyallup Valley Dental Care

Being a part of North America’s leading private practice dental community provides you the opportunity to collaborate with industry innovators committed to creating new ways of delivering exemplary care, creating financial abundance, and experiencing professional fulfillment.

Share your story. Build perspective. Advocate change. Learn how.

Do the dentistry you love.

The reason my team has become so effective is because of the training that Stratus provides. I’m very impressed. Dr. Lynn JonesThe Artistry of Lynn Jones DDS

Held throughout the year at destinations across the country, our individual and team training events allow the Stratus team to work with members and their teams to create remarkable patient relationships at each and every touch point. Come see why Patients for Life™ is a world-class new-patient process.

Build relationships. Create solutions. Offer your best. Find out how.

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